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    T Bond Carpet Adhesive

    Quick Overview

    Tackifier Adhesive


    10 Kg & 5 Kg

    T BOND is a water-based, non staining, low odor, solvent free, acrylic polymer, emulsion-based surface tackifier containing a blend of high quality dispersions and water. It is odorless when dry and permanently tacky. It is giving permanent tacky bond for the floor coverings with felt, bitumen, PVC and other polymer backings underlay’s like, Duralay Durafit & System Ten, Tredaiare Technics & Terra Firma, . It is also suitable for use over normal under floor heating systems as well.

    Product Name T Bond Carpet Adhesive
    Form Supplied White Color Thick Liquid
    Size 10 Kg & 5 Kg
    Specific Gravity 1.0 ± 0.05 Kg/Lt.
    Viscosity (SP6, RPM20) 10000-15000 cPs
    Flash Point >100 °C
    VOC Content Very low (g/Lt)