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    XTFlor Raised Access Flooring

    Flooring is an important element in the aesthetic of any building. We undertake different types of flooring services and are one of the leading raised access flooring service providers in UAE . There are different types of raised access floors. You should know about the types of flooring, their advantages/ disadvantages, before you choose one!According to your requirement, we provide consultation, installation and flooring services.

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    In general, there are two types of raised access floors; Low Profile Access Floor (Cable Management Floor) and Standard/Traditional Access Floors. According to the industrial standards, a low profile floor is less than 6" in height. The purpose of this kind of flooring is to organize cables, wires and conduit. On the other hand, a traditional or standard access floor is above 6” in height. Each type of flooring has its own benefit and it depends on the factors like Application type (used for data center, retail, office, etc.), Cooling System/Air Distribution Setup, Cabling/Wiring Needs (Including routing and distribution/delivery), Weight & Load Capabilities. An interesting aspect about raised flooring is its lifespan which comes to around twenty years. However, attention and maintenance is a must for longevity. If you are in search of Raised access flooring Dubai, you need not worry about your flooring system ever again, because we will make the entire procedure easy and simpler for you.

    Before deciding on the type of raised access flooring, you should first understand and analyse your requirement. This is where most of the clients get stuck and we help them with raised access flooring services, right from the scratch.

    We help you choose the type of flooring applicable for you. We assist you with consulting, deciding every other raised access flooring services that you require.

    To know more about raised access flooring UAE, feel free to contact us!

    FAQ Raised Access Floor

    1) What are the different types of raised access floors?

    There are two types. One is the low-profile access floor which is less than 6" in height. This kind of flooring is used to organize cables, wires and conduits. The second one is the traditional/standard access floors which is above 6" in height and is often used in data centres, retail, office spaces and industrial applications.

    2) What are the kinds of raised access flooring that you provide?

    We provide a vast range of options in raised access flooring that includes calcium sulphate bare finish, calcium sulphate encapsulated finish, cementitious bare finishes, wood core encapsulated finishes etc.

    3) What if I am unaware about raised access floor planning?

    No need to worry! Listening to our clients is what we do best. We assist you while consulting, talk about your requirements,let you know about what raised access floor planning is and provide you the best solution for your floors.

    4) What all spaces do you do flooring for?

    We provide flooring for a variety of spaces that include hospitality flooring, residential flooring, office flooring, school and hospital flooring, sports and gym flooring etc.

    5) Why is Redmagma UAE the best place to go for raised access floor planning?

    We are one of the leading raised access flooring service providers in UAE and is the one-stop solution for all your flooring needs. We abide by providing you with the best high-quality materials for your flooring at the best rates in the market from our trustworthy suppliers from across the globe.

    6) What services do you offer in this sector?

    We offer a variety of services including raised access floor planning,carpet flooring, sports flooring, vinyl flooring, SPC flooring, carpet tiles etc. all with the finest materials sourced with attention to detail from the best across the globe.